Steamboat was born in Wyoming in 1896.  He was gelded and branded as a three year old.  During the fight to get him down, he slammed his head on the ground and broke some bone and cartilage in his nose.  As legend has it, the Foreman of the Two Bar Ranch, Sam Moore, cut a broken bone and some of the cartilage out of Steamboat's nose after the incident with his pocket knife.  Thereafter, his breathing made a strange, whistling sound.  One of the ranch-hands said, "he sounds like a steamboat", and the name stuck.  Steamboat went on to become the world's undisputed bucking horse champion for about 15 years.  He became known as "the horse who couldn't be ridden" and the spirit of the horse - fiery, free and determined - captured the imagination of the people of Wyoming and the West.  Steamboat quickly became the symbol of Wyoming's spirit and later was adopted as the logo for Wyoming's University.  The symbol of Steamboat has withstood the test of time and remains today as one of the most recognizable logos in all of college athletics.  He continues to embody the Wyoming way and the spirit of the people who live in the state and attend the University of Wyoming.

We now find ourselves in a unique position, a place that gives us the ability to connect and unify a kinship with individuals around the world who love Wyoming, the University of Wyoming and everything our amazing state and university has to offer. This common thread comes through a purposefully crafted lifestyle brand that champions and embodies the rich history of that legendary black gelding, Steamboat.